Selling a Propane Tank To Atlantic

Yes we have worked with Ford, US Steel, GM, Chrysler, Kraft, BASF, Georgia Pacific, John Deere and many other large industrial facilities.
Yes before quoting a job we would visit the site and go over the dismantling process.
Yes we completely remove the propane tank(s) and gas system.
Yes we can we pay a little less then market value for the gas left in the tank.
Yes we are compliant with Osha, Pics, Browz, Mid-Atlantic Safety Council and ISNetworld.
Yes we carry $5,000,000.00 in Liability insurance.
Typically we buy Propane, Ammonia, Butane, Hydrogen, Cryogenic tanks. We will buy Pressure vessels only 5,000 gallons and up. The most typical job is Propane standby systems with 30,000 gallon tank.

Buying a Propane Tank From Atlantic

Typical tanks are Propane Storage tanks 30,000 gallons.
Yes we use a handful of qualified carriers. Customer can opt to get their own transportation. Quoted prices for tanks are “As is where is dismantled” crane and transportation are xtra costs.
$2,500.00 – $4,500.00 multiple tanks loaded at the same time are considerable less per tank.