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We Buy and Sell Used Propane Storage Tanks

If you’re looking to buy or sell used propane storage tanks you’re in the right place! Atlantic Tank sales is the leader in the purchase, sale, and transportation of bulk and wholesale industrial sized propane storage tanks and LPG tanks throughout the United States.

There are three ways to use this site:

  1. Search our inventory: Search our entire used propane storage tanks inventory. We purchase unwanted, unused or underutilized propane storage tanks from our customers and sell them at discounted prices.
  2. Search other industrial storage tanks for sale: Search our complete inventory of used butane tanks, used LP/NJ-3 tanks, air compressors, vaporizers and CO2 vessels for sale.
  3. Sell your industrial storage tanks– Contact Us to discuss selling your used industrial storage tanks. Our Specialty Is Buying Quality Used Propane Storage Tanks From Plant Acquisitions. We seek out tanks in good condition from defunct companies, plant closings, and plant acquisitions. We purchase these tanks from their owners, resulting in new revenue for the seller.

Complete Turnkey Propane Storage Tank Removal Service
Our professional crew empties, dismantles and performs a complete turnkey removal service preserving your industrial storage tank. You’ll get peace of mind knowing we will arrange cost effective  tansportation to deliver your storage tanks to its new location.